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49ers vs. Eagles: The Value of a Win or Loss

It's not even Saturday and yet we know that no matter happens during the 49ers-Eagles game, it's a certainty that there will be much to discuss. San Francisco (2-1) has been playing through a great deal of adversity, including a new system, new players adjusting, injuries and offensive line struggles.

Philadelphia is having their fair share of challenges as well, but for the sake of Niners Nation, lets focus on San Francisco. A lot of questions will be answered on Sunday, and the 49ers will gain just that much more of their identity.

Top 10 Things We're Going to Find About The 49ers After Week 4

10. Where the offensive line stands -- is Adam Snyder an improvement over Chilo Rachal

9. If we can win 3 out of 4 games with Alex Smith at the helm

8. If Carlos Rogers can handle the elite receivers in the league as a #1 cornerback

7. The state of the run game -- Frank Gore, and what Kendall Hunter can do for the offense

6. The capability of Michael Crabtree to step up and lead the receivers in Braylon Edwards' absence

5. How elite is the front seven (challenge of shutting down LeSean McCoy, pressuring Michael Vick)

4. How the new 49ers are as a road team

3. If Bruce Miller can add another dimension to the offense like a true west coast fullback

2. If the 49ers can compete with playoff-caliber teams on a week-to-week basis

1. The impact of Jim Harbaugh thus far and a preview of things to come

It's exciting where this team could possibly be headed, and inspiring that they've won 2 out of 3 games despite the issues they've been faced with. I think we will really see how bad the 49ers want it come Sunday. It's been a habit of theirs recently to play the good teams close, but usually fall short.

I believe things could change with Harbaugh and the new regime, and those close losses will start becoming tough wins. Regardless of whether or not the 49ers win on Sunday, they, along with the rest of football fans everywhere are going to find out a little more about what they're made of.

Are the Niners going to push their record to 3-1 before they return home to face Tampa Bay? Perhaps get the analysts at ESPN to start dedicating a little time to the 49ers for once? A win would say a lot more than a loss. It would speak volumes if the 49ers could manifest back to back road wins against tough teams from tough divisions, especially given the circumstances.

A loss would send the 49ers back home to the Bay Area at 2-2, where they would still be in command of the NFC West. The loss would not necessarily be a shock to the NFL world and the Niners could rebound nicely at home. There should be some interesting post-game developments and topics to cover, so come back to Niners Nation after the week 4 matchup.


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