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Michael Vick Injury Update: Plans For A Kevlar Glove

The latest news on Michael Vick last night was that while he was planning on playing Sunday, he intends to wear a Kevlar glove to protect his bruised right hand. Players use flak jackets at times to protect their ribs, but adding something to one of your hands as a quarterback seems like it could raise some issues in the snap. My understanding is that Vick takes the snap with his left hand on top so it's not a huge issue. But any chance for fumbles on the center-QB exchange is worth noting for the underdog 49ers.

The other interesting thing to note on Sunday will be how the referees call the game. After Vick injured his hand on Sunday, he had some choice words following the game. Vick later apologized for comments about the officiating, but he made his point clear that he feels refs don't protect him inside the pocket like they do with other quarterbacks.

I haven't watched enough Eagles film to say for certain that he is not getting enough calls. I saw a stat that said that dating back to the 2010 season, the Eagles had drawn the most roughing the passer penalties among NFC East teams and seventh most in the league. There isn't enough context in that stat to make definitive conclusions, but it is a piece of the puzzle worth considering.

Do you think the refs are quicker to throw the flag on Sunday? Less so? No difference?