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49ers Boldest Fan: Banjo Man

We're wrapping up this "Boldest Fan" series with a look at the most well known fan for the 49ers. All things seem to point to The Banjo Man as that fan. I suppose we could point to actual celebrities (why hello there Marisa Miller), but Banjo Man would have to be the guy at this point.

Prior to moving out to San Francisco I never would have known about Banjo Man, but he is a bit of a Bay Area institution. Like me he makes appearances at 49ers and A's games. Unlike me, he rocks a pretty crazy get-up that includes a banjo, a cape, and a beanie with a propeller on top. It really is a fitting look for a Bay Area sports fan.

There is a rumor floating around that the Banjo Man would not be attending 49ers games if the team moved down to Santa Clara. I have been searching for that and I have found nothing specific, but given the travel it might just not be feasible for him.

Speaking of the 49ers stadium, while they haven't exactly come up with the big bucks to pay for the stadium, they're moving along with some smaller steps. They've set up a preview center down in Santa Clara where potential suite buyers can preview what the suites look like and a mocked up view of the field from it. You can view some interesting photos of it over at

Head after the jump to view some video of Banjo Man, or check out his Facebook page.