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NFL Reportedly Still Twiddling Its Thumbs With Braylon Edwards Situation

Matt Maiocco just posted an update on the Braylon Edwards potential suspension situation and apparently the case is still under review. The situation revolves around Edwards' September 2010 DWI while with the New York Jets. Edwards entered a guilty plea in July and when he signed his contract with the 49ers, it reportedly was with the 49ers knowledge that a suspension was in fact possible.

While I don't agree with some of the implementation of the NFL's personal conduct policy, the league has certain rights under it and they have no problem exercising those rights. And I also can live with Edwards facing a suspension even though Aqib Talib did not get suspended for the March shooting. The big difference is that Talib's actions took place during the lockout and there were questions as to whether the personal conduct policy applied then. Thus, it is not surprising Talib did not get suspended.

My problem with the league's conduct in this is how long it is taking them to reach a conclusion or even speak to Edwards about this. Pending updated news, I don't believe Edwards has had a sit-down with the league recently about the incident or a about a possible suspension. It baffles me that the league could realistically take so long to suspend Edwards and then decide to do it the week of the start of the season, or even once the season has begun.

Are you telling me the league hasn't had a single second free over the past month? I realize football is starting back up and a lot happened in a short amount of time but I find it to be poor organizational skills that somebody couldn't pencil in a meeting between the league and Braylon Edwards. I'd say this is a comical procedure, but I'm actually annoyed enough that there is nothing remotely funny about how ridiculous this is.