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Braylon Edwards Will Not Be Suspended

The NFL finally figured out there plans for Braylon Edwards and have reportedly informed the 49ers that Edwards will not face suspension for his DWI arrest last September. Edwards pled guilty in July and when he signed with the 49ers, the team was aware that he might face a one or two game suspension for the incident. The suspension will not happen and hopefully Braylon has figured things out and is back on the straight and narrow.

The 49ers released a depth chart to the media earlier today (more on that as more details come out) and they had Josh Morgan starting at one wide receiver position and Ted Ginn OR Braylon Edwards starting at the other wide receiver position. Given this update on Edwards, one would imagine he is likely the starter this Sunday. Of course, Ginn has been getting first team reps and it is possible we'll actually see a mix of three receiver sets a bit more frequently, thus the sort of 1a, 1b setup.

Edwards has reportedly been working after practices quite frequently with Smith while reports have indicated Ginn has performed exceedingly well in training camp. Maybe the coaching staff feels Ginn has done enough to warrant a start?