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2012 NFL Draft Prep: College Football Week One, Part Two

Yesterday, Jason (AB83Rules) put together a post in taking a look at Notre Dame's wide receiver Michael Floyd, Notre Dame's inside linebacker Manti Te'o, and LSU's cornerback Morris Claiborne. These all could very well be positions of need in the upcoming draft. The article can be seen here.

There are going to be several intriguing options throughout the year. And chances are that one or maybe even two of the guys we cover during the year will be wearing 49ers uniforms next year. In the past two years that I have been reviewing college football players here on Niners Nation, that has held true. And it is always fun to take a look back to gauge accuracy. I really enjoy doing this, so I hope some out there really appreciate these types of segments here on NN.

Today, I will be covering a few more players that had very good games for their respective schools in week one. Follow after the jump to see who these players are.

Baylor QB Robert Griffin III:

Griffin came out stronger than perhaps any other quarterback in college football with his commanding performance on Friday night against No. 14 ranked TCU.

His stat line was impressive but what was even more impressing was his poise in the pocket and flawless mechanics. He may have been in the shotgun more often than not but his footwork, steps in to passes, and just general presence was clearly exceptional. Even the average fan would have been impressed.

Griffin put himself in the early hunt for the Heisman by going 21 for 27 (an astounding 77.8% completion rate), for 359 yards, with 5 touchdown throws. Look for Griffin to just get stronger and stronger with his performances as the season progresses. He should very well be in the mix as a top Heisman candidate.

Miami DB Vaughn Telemaque:

Telemaque had a phenomenal game even in the result of a Miami loss to Maryland on Monday night. The University Miami has Mount Rushmore-sized problems in recent allegations made of the teams players receiving benefits for the past ten years. But if Telemaque continues to play like he did Monday night, he could shine as one of the bright spots this year for the 'Canes.

He flew all about the field piling up several tackles and managed to pick the ball off in the first quarter on a relatively nice throw by Danny O'Brien. Telemaque just made a nice jump on the ball and put himself in position to make the grab.

Although safety may not be a huge priority, you just never know. Between Goldson, Smith, and Whitner, we still may need to get stronger there. Telemaque could very well be a guy that climbs up boards and by years end be cream of the crop.

Oklahoma CB Jamell Fleming:

Fleming locked down whoever he manned up against all day long Saturday evening. Even though Tulsa was not the most competitive opponent, there were still some stand out players in the game for the Sooners; Fleming as one of them.

He deflected quite a few passes on important key downs when G.J. Ginne threw his way on the few rare occasions he did.

I believe that as the year progresses, teams will have to game plan to the other side of the field as Fleming.

Georgia CB Brandon Boykin:

This was probably one of the more prestigious and watched games of week one. It did not disappoint and lived up to the hype as it was a well-fought game on both sides.

Boykin enters the season as one of the higher rated corners in all of college football. He is one of the more instinctive players in the land. He has great movement in his hips and is very aware of where the ball is going to go. He most always gets turned around at the same time as whatever receiver he is locking up.

Oh, and did I mention he plays some offense too? The Bulldogs stuck him in the game as a wide receiver on one play and he took the ball 80-yards to the house on a reverse a la Deion Sanders.

*Honorable mention - Oklahoma QB Landry Jones... 35/47, 375 Yards, 74.5%, 8.0 Y/A, 1 TD.