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Golden Nuggets: The Brett Favre (or Michael Crabtree) of Niners Nation

I feel like Brett Favre (or perhaps even Michael Crabtree), returning to action just as the regular season begins, missing a good portion of the preseason with an "injury" (vacation). I'm here now, back to save the day and bring you your daily Nuggets of information on our San Francisco 49ers. . I'm a bit behind, myself, so if I post some old links, apologies. And for those of you who follow me on Twitter, do keep in mind that I will be tweeting things other than sports stuff from now on (even moreso, I mean), as I relaunch my music magazine. Anyway, on to the 49ers links for the day, enjoy them chillllllllllllllldren!

It's full speed ahead for rejuvenated Gore (

NFL to 49ers: No suspension for Braylon Edwards (

Harbaugh stands in center of 49ers universe (

49ers outlook: Success might be coming, but not likely overnight (

Who should be the 49ers' starting wide receivers to begin the season? (

Tarrel Brown on the 49ers defense: "We've been hiding stuff, too." (

Roger Craig on the return of the WCO: "It's going to be fun to watch." (

Anthony Dixon avoids head trauma (

Jerry Rice says San Francisco 49ers will have to carry Alex Smith, not the other way around (

Alex Smith highlights - and lowlights (

David Garrard? If I'm the Raiders, or especially the 49ers, I'm calling (

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