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49ers vs. Seahawks: Will We See Some Surprises From The 49ers Defense?

Much of the preseason we have been discussing the idea that the 49ers offense is keeping things relatively vanilla in order to avoid revealing too much before the start of the season. The question we haven't discussed is how much the defense has revealed to date and what we will see this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Yesterday before practice, cornerback Tarell Brown commented on the subject:

Q: Teams haven't been showing much in the exhibition season...

BROWN: Yeah, most definitely. We haven't shown that much either. It's just like them. I think with every team, they're not going to give away their cards. We've been hiding stuff too. When we go out there with our full game plan you'll definitely see the 49er pass rush make some plays.

Any thoughts on what we might see from the Vic Fangio defense on Sunday? Part of the issue with what to expect comes from the truncated timetable for implementing the defense. Fangio discussed that issue yesterday and explained how the team is implementing both new personnel and a new system. Naturally it's going to take some time.

Speaking of the defense's plan for this Sunday, it is worth noting that Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson pointed to how the Seahawks are looking at Stanford tape from last season in an effort to prepare for Sunday. Additionally he expects the team to blitz in spite of not doing it much in the preseason. This goes back to the question of what we'll see this Sunday. I'm not expecting a completely new defensive look, but it could be interesting to see just what they've been working on strictly in practice.