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NFL RedZone Channel, DirecTV Sunday Ticket, SiriusXM NFL Radio Free This Weekend

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The start of the NFL season means the return of my favorite channel, the NFL RedZone channel. If you've never seen the RedZone channel, it is a game day channel that shows live coverage of games from around the league with their goal being to show you every single touchdown that is scored in a given week. They often have to mix in some just completed highlights, but they do an excellent job of mixing in the live coverage.

The host Scott Hansen bounces us around from game to game. Normally they bring you to a game when a team gets into the red zone, but if nobody is in the red zone they just pick a game and take you there to watch it until somebody gets into the red zone. Oh, and there are no commercials. At this point outside of the 49ers game and primetime games, I rarely watch entire games on CBS or FOX. I just watch the RedZone channel.

I mention it because as we often see, the RedZone channel will be on free preview this weekend to start the season. Additionally, DirecTV's Sunday Ticket package will be on free preview. And finally, SiriusXM NFL Radio will be offered for free this weekend as well.

For folks looking for the RedZone channel, it is not available on every cable offering but it is available on many of the big names including Comcast, Dish Network, Cox, Charter, Verizon FiOS, and AT&T U-Verse. On Comcast in San Francisco, you can view the RedZone channel in standard definition on ch. 427 and in high definition on ch. 785.