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Video: Michael Crabtree Doing Work

There has been some question as to when 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree would be ready to get back to action after missing training camp with a fractured foot. He had the boot removed, then was removed from the PUP list and late last week was starting to catch some passes. However, we didn't have any news of him running routes at anything approaching full speed.

Well, we've got a little video courtesy of CSN Bay Area (first linked in the Fanshots by Drew). This doesn't exactly tell us everything we need to know, but it's awesome to see him running around in fully-padded practices. Additionally, in the second route he appears to be running at a pretty good speed. We can't tell us much from the first route given that he is off camera for much of it. And of course it's only two routes so I won't get entirely ahead of myself. Nonetheless, it's better than nothing.

Braylon Edwards and Josh Morgan will likely get the start this Sunday, but if this positive step is any indication, Crabtree should be in the mix for playing time as well.