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49ers WR Michael Crabtree Speaks

Quick last minute addition: WR Donnie Avery had a try-out with the 49ers today. We'll see if the team decides he's worth adding.

As Michael Crabtree has rehabbed from his fractured foot we really haven't heard a whole lot from the 49ers wide receiver. He's gone about his work on the field and in the class room relatively quietly, with the occasional tweet or a random comment to one of the beat writers on the sideline.

Earlier today, Crabtree finally spoke with the local beat writers in what I believe is his most extensive interview since the Camp Alex workouts. He appears to be back and 100% ready to go as he indicated he is now going at full speed. The question will be how the team utilizes Crabtree this Sunday. Josh Morgan and Braylon Edwards/Ted Ginn appear to be set to start this Sunday, which likely means Crabtree comes off the bench in some capacity.

It's worth noting that Crabtree joined several other 49ers in complimenting the work Ted Ginn has done in training camp:

Q: When you look at receivers here, including Braylon Edwards, what do you think about how you fit into this collection of receivers?
Crabtree: "All our guys are doing good. Teddy (Ginn), it's probably the best I've seen Teddy. Josh is a very smart guy -- very good. Braylon is a big guy. We just got to wait until Sunday and see how it all plays out. Right now, we're all just having fun playing football."

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from Ginn in the passing game, but this has me incredibly curious. The 49ers have an extensive group of receivers that they'll be mixing in at this point so I'm not necessarily expecting monster numbers from Ginn. However, given his ability to run with the ball, I'll predict one reverse attempt involving Ginn. Vernon Davis is another option in the reverse given his speed, but I just have a feeling we see Ginn mixed in on a reverse.