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Kaeption This!

The headline game is almost as cutthroat at the caption game. Last week, I hit the high point of my career. And because, really, there's no good way to follow that up, I decided that this week I would just ago ahead and scrape the bottom of the barrel. And, if I do say so myself, I think today's headline en-Kaep-sulates the bottom of the barrel.

I've got a million of 'em.

Going into the season now, it somehow felt right to do a Colin Kaepernick Caption This. Colin Kaepernick is the future, and we should all be able to say that with our irony levels running at a clean 30 percent. 40 tops. And if he's the future, then he's the future of Caption This, as well. And I like to start the kids early.

I may not get into the game when this post goes up, so I wanted to leave a couple of sample captions for anybody who might be coming anew. The objective is to one-up your fellow Nationers with funny captions. Such as:

Concerns about Colin Kaepernick's throwing motion are confirmed as he follows through on a pass in last Thursday's exhibition game.


Colin Kaepernick does everything he can to learn the new playbook before the season starts, even going so far as to tattoo the plays to his arms.

So have at it. Give the kid hell. After this, he'll be officially a member of the team.

And when a caption makes you chuckle, chortle, or choke (in a good way), give it a rec'. Last time, these3words won the most rec's on the day (Note: that always looks like a grocer's apostrophe to me, but it's actually functional! I swear!). Will it be you this time?