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Golden Nuggets: Boring Wins Are A-OK For My 49ers

Did you all enjoy the game yesterday? I didn't actually get a chance to watch it, but I heard it was a pretty good one, at least in the latter half. I'm surprised the Saints looked so badly (by most accounts) to begin the game, and surprised that the Packers simply resumed where they left off. I can only hope Sunday's game against the Seahawks will be as entertaining, though I am perfectly fine with a boring 49ers victory any day of the week (preferably Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, as it happens). There's a bit of adrenaline after a close game win, but I wouldn't be even a little bit disappointed by a boring win. I wonder if that's the majority feeling - when it comes to your team, do you come away feeling happy, excited, fulfilled by a 49ers win even if it was, say, 10-3 or something along those lines? Let's get to the links!

The 49ers worked out Donnie Avery, formerly of the St. Louis Rams, on Thursday. Honestly, I would be totally alright with signing Avery if his medicals check out at this point in time. He's a good receiver with a lot of talent, but his health is a huge concern. I wouldn't mind getting rid of one of the more superfluous gents on the roster, such as Colin Jones or Will Tukuafu - preferably the latter. (

So yes, it looks like Dashon Goldson isn't playing on Sunday, which is probably a bummer, but I suppose it's as good a time as any to see what Madieu Williams can do. Goldson remains the only 49er with injury concerns at this time, let's hope it stays that way. (

As noted, Williams will likely be the starter at free safety. I like Williams and believe him to be a starting caliber safety, so we'll see if my faith is misplaced or right-on when Sunday rolls around. (

Michael Crabtree is set to play on Sunday, but it's still up in the air in regards to just how much he will be able to play, or whether or not he'll be at 100%. I personally get the feeling that Crabtree will be fine and play the whole game, and get plenty of looks from Alex Smith. Call me crazy, but I feel really good about him this year. (

Sam Lam has the 49ers finishing second in the NFC West, and it's hard to argue against that at this point. I do also agree that the Seahawks will be at the bottom of the barrel, though I suppose they have an opportunity to make me look very silly on Sunday, don't they? (

We've got our fantasy football stream pertaining to the 49ers going over at the Bay Area site, so be sure to check that out for anything you need for 49ers on your fantasy team. I only have one of them on mine - Kendall Hunter on my bench. (

Really, calling the 49ers-Seahawks matchup a guessing game is an insult to the futility of "guessing." It doesn't reflect just how much of a crapshoot it appears to be. You really can't watch all of this college film on the coaches and expect to gain anything from it, so maybe that plays in the 49ers favor this time around. (

I want Anthony Dixon to be a 49er for the next thirty years. Yes, I did indeed say thirty ... I just can't get enough of him. This piece regarding what is in his locker isn't exceptionally interesting nor terribly engaging in the slightest, but because it concerns him, I enjoyed it. I have something not entirely unlike a mancrush on him. (

This is another piece about sharing stadiums, but it's one that doesn't subscribe to the braindead idiocy of a shared 49ers-Raiders stadium, instead offering that San Francisco shack up with Stanford for the time being. I don't think it's necessary, while Candlestick is not the greatest (and a lot of that has to do with the terrible staff), it's not imminent that they get out of dodge. (

Mike Iupati has a brother that plays defense? Sign him now. Screw the draft. (

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