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49ers vs. Seahawks: My Love Song to Frank Gore

Frank Gore is far and away my favorite Niner. Hands down. The only 49ers jersey I have is Gore's. When it came down to buying that or Patrick Willis', I really didn't have a choice (or budget - so if anyone wants to send a free Willis jersey, that would be awesome. K? Thanks.). It was Gore all the way.

And my attitude is still Gore all the way. He is sort of like the 2010 SF Giants' Aubrey Huff. He has been in the league for a while now and really needs to get into the postseason. Gore just deserves it. In fact, as a lifelong Niner who has singlehandedly kept afloat this anemic offense, I think Gore needs to get to the postseason even more. Let's put it this way: if the Niners are a coma patient, then Gore is the plug running the life support.

So, when PG&E (read: Drew Rosenhaus) came a-calling, we had an obligation to pay the man for his electric services.

Follow me after the jump and I won't use anymore horrid puns. That's LondonNiner's job.

As you can probably guess, I am a big fan of resigning Frank. And while I don't want to spend too much time on this post with contract talk, I just want to say that this contract, which seems fairly front-loaded and low on guaranteed money, is pretty much perfect for the team and a nice size of money for Frank. Given the sort of magical appearance of this contract, especially when it seemed like we were all digging in for a WWI trench-warfare reenactment this season, I must give Gore and his character major props. I've got to imagine that he wanted a contract and wanted to be a Niner. In my book, this is the second team friendly contract he has signed in his career; and I love him for that.

And all this crap about Gore being frustrated? I don't believe it. Frank gets frustrated when he can't remember the movie Boobie was in during some sideline interview. I don't think Frank gets frustrated about football. Sure, he's like every other person alive (save St. Francis) in that he wants more money, but I've got to imagine that if Gore knows that he can play football tomorrow for his team, he will go to sleep happy. I love the man, his work ethic, and his character and it's about darn time I make it public.

But where does my greatest admiration for Gore come from? The carnage he wrecks upon the Seahawks is the type of glorious and righteous running game that Mike Singletary fantasizes about. It's like watching 30 hornets kill 30000 bees. Seriously. Youtube that. It's crazy.

And so my post here draws to an end. Fooch and I e-mailed a bit about this post. And, while I love writing longer posts that develops a strong argument, there is no better way to prove my point than just putting up some video of Frank doing his thing. So, everybody, thank Fooch for his awesome idea of embedding the video below. It's a great way to take a mid-afternoon break.

And really quickly, as a comment starter, what can we expect from Gore on Sunday? I know that we already have a prediction post up, but let's make this one about just Frank. And, since it is so specific, you can be too.

Here, watch this: I think Gore will have 17 carries for 104 yards, 5 receptions for 25 yards, and one receiving touchdown. Two of his carries will be outside of the tackles, each one longer than 10 yards. At least one of his receptions will be a screen pass, and I think this where he will make the bulk of his reception yardage, but it won't be the pass that he takes in for a touchdown. See? It is all blatant conjecture, but it's all fun.

Alternative comment starter: tell us all your love song for Frank Gore. Why is he the greatest Niner of the ‘00s? Oh, and by the way, he just is. Don't even try and debate that.

Now for your viewing pleasure: