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NFL Playoff Picture: Finalizing The NFC Seeding

The NFL often has intriguing matchups in the final week of the regular season, but this season it seems like the NFL playoff picture is as crazy as it has ever been entering the final week. Nine of the twelve playoff teams are set, but aside from the Packers and the Texans, there is a lot of room for movement still left today.

We know all about the 49ers and Saints playoff picture. 49ers win or Saints lose and the 49ers get the number two seed. It is pretty simple and we will know what is up by lunch time on the west coast. The rest of the NFC playoff picture still has room for movement, even with only one spot left to be determined.

The Cowboys and Giants will play tonight with the winner getting into the playoffs and the loser going home for the offseason, and potentially canning their coach. Additionally, the Falcons (#6) and Lions (#5) can switch positions as the first and second wild card team. The Lions are facing a Packers squad that will likely be resting several players, so it would not surprise me to see the Lions get the victory.

The Falcons have a very winnable game against the Bucs, but if the Lions win their 10:00am game, the Falcons will probably rest some folks against the Bucs. Of course, given how the Bucs are playing this season, that might not make a difference.

The current playoff picture would have the Saints playing the Falcons and the Cowboys/Giants winner playing the Lions. If the Saints win they would play the 49ers in the second round. If the Saints lose in the first round, the 49ers would get the winner of Cowboys/Giants-Lions. Of course, this is assuming the 49ers secure the two seed. Let's hope for good things.