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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Giants, Cowboys Battle For Final Playoff Spot

The 2011 NFL regular season is down to the final game. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants will square off on Sunday Night Football with the winner claiming the NFC East and the loser heading home. The winner welcomes the Atlanta Falcons next weekend and the loser potentially fires their coach. That's the best kind of football.

This should be a fairly intense game given what is at stake and the rivalry nature of the game. Plenty of folks are assuming Tony Romo and the Cowboys will blow this one. Prior to this week, Tony Romo had the highest 4th quarter QB rating in the NFL. While QB rating is far from the end all, be all of stats, it is still worth noting the number. It will be interesting to see how tonight's game plays out and if Romo or Manning is put in a position to win it late.

As we get ready for this game, we've got a bye week approaching and the 49ers opponent remains undetermined for two weeks from now. In the meantime, any suggestions for coverage of the four wild card round teams over the next seven days? There will be plenty to discuss about the 49ers, but a little wild card coverage won't hurt.