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Golden Nuggets: Confidence, Arrogance .. Whatever

Good morning, folks. I'm in a big hurry and the internet is spotty, so very quick links today. The Saints are coming up, and if I'm "arrogant" as one reader suggested, that's fine. The 49ers will win, of that I am confident. Or maybe arrogant. I'm not quite sure, at this point. Either way, it all comes down to our defense, and I wrote about that in particular in the first link, so be sure to read that. There's plenty that the 49er can do on defense to stop Brees and the Saints offense. Only Darren Sproles concerns me, really. Anyway, onto the links for the day. Enjoy.

49ers Vs. Saints: NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview (SB Nation Bay Area)

Rogers: Similar coordinators get it done differently (

Harbaugh transcript: 'Certainly not aware of any gentelman's agreement' (

New Orleans Saints defense: as bad as 2009, without all the takeaways (

After watching Saints, Harbaugh 'slept like a baby' (

What makes the Saints so dangerous? A few 49ers chime in on the opponent (

Jim Schwartz Painted Bleak Picture For Future Of Jim Harbaugh, 49ers In Offseason ... Now Look At 'Em (SB Nation Bay Area)

49ers show plenty of growth over past 5 months (

Phantom phone call: Revisiting preseason blitzkrieg in New Orleans (

How much of that preseason game against Saints will 49ers use to prepare? (

49ers' Delanie Walker could play in postseason (

Competition Rises (

Being a Sheep

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