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49ers Vs. Saints: Vic Fangio, Patrick Willis, Michael Crabtree To Chat With Media

The 49ers return to the playoffs means the media scrutiny takes a step up. The local media provides plenty, but the national media and the rest of the country will want to learn a little bit more about the 49ers in advance of Saturday's game against the New Orleans Saints.

The 49ers are making several players available to the media each day this week and CSN Bay Area will be streaming all the press conferences. They begin today at 11:50am PT with DC Vic Fangio, followed by Patrick Willis and Michael Crabtree. Tomorrow, OC Greg Roman will kick things off, followed by Vernon Davis, Joe Staley and Justin Smith.

It will be interesting to hear from the guys with no playoff experience and how they are handling the build-up to this game. Those first few minutes will be interesting when players will be particularly amped up. That is one area the Saints have a big advantage is knowing how to handle the situation. That's not to say the 49ers will have significant issues, but it will be interesting to see how they are playing right out of the gate. It will be essential to not get too caught up in the moment early on. Next thing you know the Saints have put two touchdowns on the board and everybody is wondering what the heck happened.

I've posted the live stream after the jump, but if you have problems there, you can also view them at and We'll likely get some transcripts later in the day, but for now, feel free to enjoy a potpourri of 49ers discussion.

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