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49ers Vs. Saints: Roman Harper Sits Out Practice

The big news out of New Orleans today was that safety Roman Harper did not participate in practice today due to an ankle injury. There are no specifics on the injury, but a Saints beat writer referred to it as significant. The same writer said Harper was optimistic he would play on Saturday, but the writer also stated there is a likelihood of the injury impacting his play.

Roman Harper is a key part to that offense defense both in stopping the run and also leads the team in sacks. There is no word on whether it's a high ankle sprain, or more of a severe regular sprain. Either way, it will be worth tracking on Saturday. Participating in practice is valuable, but even if he sits out the rest of the week, I'd imagine Harper will be at their to start the game.

If he is a bit gimpy, this could bode well for Vernon Davis. The 49ers tight end struggled for large chunks of the season, but closed the season fairly well with two big games in three weeks. The 49ers are getting some of their other weapons back, but Davis remains the most dynamic threat in terms of his combination of size, speed and overall athleticism. He does deal with the drops and his occasionally odd habit of jumping for balls that do not seem to require a leap. Nonetheless, he is an incredibly dangerous threat if the 49ers can find ways to utilize him.