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Golden Nuggets: Where Good Hygiene Is Optional

So yesterday, I wrote this long piece about how busy I've been and how I was back to putting together full iterations of the Golden Nuggets for you, the sexiest readers on SB Nation (don't feel too good about that - as a network we're pretty lax on the whole 'hygiene' front), and then of course, my internet went out on me and my entire article got all Ben Roethlisberger'd. So I had Fooch handle the Nuggets again, and now I'm back. Unfortunately, just quick links for the day as I do think sleep is required at some point. Onto the links and, as always, go Niners.

Smith's cram sessions pay off for 49ers (

49ers Vs. Saints, NFL Divisional Playoffs: Roman Harper Misses Practice, Could Affect Him On Gameday (SB Nation Bay Area)

Breakout moments for 49ers' rookies (

49ers Vs. Saints, 2012 NFL Playoffs: Drew Brees May Throw For Big Yardage, But He'll Have Trouble Scoring (SB Nation Bay Area)

Alex Smith, Crabtree warmed up after chilly start (

49ers relying on workhorse Gore (

Return men returning for 49ers (

Justin Smith transcript: 'They're not Houdini out there. They can't run one way and go the other' (

After early info overload, Vernon Davis thrives (

Steve Young on the NIners defense: "They'll figure out a way to keep that score 24 or less." (

Traditional red returns to Candlestick end zones for playoffs (

Cowboy Up (

Being a Sheep

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