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49ers Vs. Saints: Midweek Happy Hour With Harbaugh

It is safe to say that this is the longest week I've experienced in a while. The Saturday game has led to a variety of things being bumped up by a day, so today is feeling like Friday. Given that it is sort of like a Friday, Coach Harbaugh is chatting with the media this afternoon. There will be no media availability tomorrow.

I'd imagine we'll hear about how it has been a great week of practice. Beyond that I honestly don't know what else Coach Harbaugh might have to say or be asked about. He spoke to the media on Monday and three days later, I just don't see much else happening in this press conference. Let's hope the media can get a little creative with some of their questions.

You can view the press conference starting at 1:55pm pacific via live stream after the jump, at or

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference