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Caption This: Da Raidas

Welcome back to another round of Caption This. Let me tell you, it's always nice when the NFL gives me choices for this thing, and the past week has offered no shortage. Between the hilarity of Ben Roethlisberger getting pwned in Denver and the absurdity of Mark Davis's haircut, it's almost a shame that I even had to choose. But when push came to shove, Hue Jackson just plain made it easy for me. Well, him and almost everyone else in this photo.

Just scan that photo from left to right. It's very important that you start at the far left with Mr. Impressed-But-Not-TOO-Impressed, and then move past the bemused guy straight on to Mr. Pointing-and-Whistling. Then Hue "ANGRYHAPPY" Jackson right on through to Bemused Guy 2. Only then will you make it to The Human Giraffe, before taking a quick and final stop at Couldn't-Be-More-Bored.

The range of emotions and responses in this photo makes me happy. Heck, the range of emotions and responses in Hue Jackson alone makes me happy. Everything else is icing on the cake.

So give this photo a boost by giving it a caption. Fill in those thought bubbles. As for me, I'm pretty sure that the guy all he way on the left is still just thinking about Mark Davis's absurd haircut. If you see a caption you like, give it a rec'. Last week, IRONxMIKE took home the most rec's in glorious fashion. This week, it could be you.