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49ers Vs. Saints: The Night Before Christmas....

I would have liked to come up with a poem related to the playoffs, but I lack the creativity for that kind of thing. If anybody is feeling creative, go to town. Ideally we'll have three weekends of "Christmas" but for now, this first one is pretty sweet. The 49ers make their first playoff appearance in nine years, only a few days after the ninth anniversary of their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coincidentally enough, the day before that loss was the day I moved to San Francisco. Pretty random.

As we sit and wait for the game tomorrow, I was curious what people had planned for pre-game and game-time? Are you going through your usual game-day routine or do you plan on mixing it up for the game? Who has tickets and is planning on heading over to the game?

My original plan was to watch from home, but I ended up managing to score a press credential courtesy of the always accommodating folks at the 49ers. I'll be posting the in-game threads and on twitter (@ninersnation), while James will cover the immediate post-game threads. I'll be tweeting throughout the game and will have a decent handle on information as it comes along (they announce injury info in the press box). Even if you don't have a twitter account, you can go to the link above to follow my tweets. To reply to my tweets or ask questions, you do need a Twitter account (free).

For those that are going to the game, I got a question via email asking for ideas for signs. I've noticed more and more "99 Problems" signs and that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Any other suggestions for fans going to the game?