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Motivational Speeches You Don't Really Need

There really isn't much that needs to be said with kickoff happening in just over three hours. We're not going out on the field, we're not making the big hits, we're not the ones who have to make the plays.

But that won't stop me from providing you with a ridiculously over the top YouTube video of 40 inspirational movie speeches cut down in the space of two minutes. Where else can you get The Muppets, Street Fighter, Rocky, Braveheart, Pulp Fiction and even Free Willy to help get you even more fired up? If you don't get goose bumps from this ridiculous video, I can't help you.

Consider this an open thread to blow off some steam or get further amped up for 1:30. As a reminder, site decorum is off all day, but try and keep it relatively clean. We'll be back with a rundown of 49ers and Saints inactives when they're available, followed by the first game thread at approximately 1:15pm (possibly earlier).