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Golden Nuggets: Ready For A 49ers Win Today

Listen up, gents ... there will be a day when the San Francisco 49ers lose another game. Jim Harbaugh and this team will fall and be on the losing end of some unfathomable offensive onslaught. Hell, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints may do it. BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! Today, Alex Smith is going to give Frank Gore the playoff win he's deserved all his career! Patrick Willis will pick up a win on the biggest stage after showing the rest of the NFL that he's the best linebacker in the league.No longer will we hear the "wasting away in San Francisco" jive from other fans.

I don't really care if we shock the world today, I just care whether or not you can call Drew Brees dazed on the grass at Candlestick Park "shocked." Not since the 49ers of almost two decades ago have I ever felt so confident in a win. This team will go out into battle and beat the hell out of the Saints for sixty minutes. When the clock runs down to zero, all of us here who have sat through this painful mediocrity for years will be rewarded with a 49ers victory!

Heed my words, brothers. We are the FAITHFUL. I've met Browns fans who have usurped their fandom with embarrassment as their team loses year after year. And I've seen the same with many other teams. But not the 49ers fans - NO! - we are faithful until the end and today, with the world watching, we will be rewarded! GO NINERS! #TEAM LET'S DO IT LEG GO

That all being said, a couple things to note. Site decorum is off today, but swearing certainly is not encouraged. At the same time, all other site rules - including the one about insulting other users - are in effect. After the jump, I've got your links for the day. Make the jump and let's get a 49ers win, yeah?

I'm sure most of you checked this out yesterday, and it's definitely a good read. It talks about the magic of the 49ers, and does a good job illustrating, I think, what was already in every one of our heads. (The San Franciscan Fog)

The circular speech of Jim Harbaugh is thoroughly enjoyable to me, for reasons I can't quite explain. The last little bit near the end of this piece really is him in a nutshell for me. (

As my last name is Brady, the image from the always-good tony.psd infuriates me, but this is a good piece with a lot of sound reasoning on why the 49ers will win. (

Lowell Cohn - that's right, Lowell Cohn - puts it best: the 49ers will deliver a knockout punch to the Saints today. I like the particular bit about Willie Mays twins at middle linebacker. Couldn't be said better, really. (

Godspeed, Bay Area Sports Guy, Godspeed. (

Here's more on the grass at Candlestick and how it should affect the New Orleans Saints offense. (

Smith, Gore rise above the hardships (

49ers-Saints: Matchups to watch (

One day away: 49ers-Saints matchups to watch (

Niners need Davis, Crabs to play like No. 1s (

Can Alex Smith and the 49ers shock the Saints?? (

49ers notes: Saints a self-assured bunch, and why not? (

49ers Fans Gear Up for Playoff Game Against Saints (

'Big Game' Holt eager to see Crabtree on big stage (

49ers think Sproles is so good, it's almost unfair (

49ers pull a reverse under Harbaugh (

Keys to the game (

49ers Q&A with New Orleans Saints Examiner Danny Cox (

Five Things: 49ers vs. Saints (

Always a 49er (

Being a Sheep

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