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49ers 36, Saints 32: San Francisco Forces A Thousand Or So Turnovers In Playoff Victory

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What an emotional roller coaster. The San Francisco 49ers came out gunning with multiple turnovers in the first half and a 14-0 lead. Eventually, the Saints brought it within three at the half, and it ended at 17-14. San Francisco came out in the second half and showed questionable play-calling on offense, letting the New Orelans take the lead But it was insanely good play-calling that brought the 49ers right back.

They called a play that sent Alex Smith scampering around on a Tim Tebow play (yeah I said it) ... and it turned into a touchdown. So they had the five-point lead, and of course, Jimmy Graham came forward and scored for the Saints, putting them up again with under two minutes to go. At this point, I proclaimed that the 49ers were done and had no chance to come back.

Kind of a thing I do - because every time I've done that this season, they've come back to win it. I'm happy about that. Vernon Davis came up with two big catches on that final drive, including a touchdown. On top of that, Smith's ball placement in the fourth quarter was insane. Those were some grown-ass-man throws right there and Smith hit them.

Before this game, a Saints fan told me that they were going to play a level of football that we're not used to watching. He told me the game would be too fast for me to keep up. He was right ... those damn fumbles are so hard to keep up with! Davis had 180 yards and two touchdowns off of seven receptions. The play calling left something to be desired, but in the end, the 49ers won the same kind of game that they've been winning all season.

I'll have a second recap with some bullet points later, but until then .. WHO'S GOT IT BETTER THAN US!?