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49ers Vs. Saints Third Quarter Open Thread

The internet is down in the press box, which is where our lovable dictator Fooch happens to be, so I'm jumping on a quick third quarter thread. Our 49ers are up 17-14, a little disappointing to me considering the four turnovers. You'd expect a bigger margin than that, especially at home. Still, it's a lead. When you enter the half with a lead you feel like you won the first game. The first half was game one and now the 49ers are going for the sweep, but with a three-point lead to start it off, ya dig?

I'm happy with the play of Dashon Goldson, but unhappy with the lack of putting the foot down. Donte Whitner is like a man fired out of shotgun on every single play, and they're hitting hard. The offense really need to pick it up and get back to that short passing game they were using early on, taking the big shots when necessary. Chilo Rachal came in, Alex Smith got killed, he left, and Smith was fine.

Hopefully Jonathan Goodwin is good to go, able to stay out there. Either way, despite some disappointment, the 49er are in the lead, and it's going to stay that way. It will most definitely stay that way. GO NINERS!