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49ers 36, Saints 32: Nope, Still Loving It!

I'm not entirely sure if you guys are looking for something terribly in-depth from me tonight, but it's not going to happen. After the jump, I've included some bullet points as usual, but for now, it's all about basics for me. Our San Francisco 49ers went out there and won the same kind of game they've been winning all season, just on a higher level. What we saw today was a good football team.

When the play-calling struggled, one play changed it all, like the Alex Smith touchdown run. When Michael Crabtree had a tough game and dropped some big catches, Vernon Davis came up with 180 yards and two touchdowns on seven receptions. When the defense started giving up big plays, they tightened up when they needed. When Aldon Smith started getting chipped on every play, Ahmad Brooks started brutalizing the other side of the line. It was beautiful.

More in-depth stuff to come for sure in the coming days, but for now, make the jump for some bullet points. Again, I ask you, WHO'S GOT IT BETTER THAN US?!

  • That was one of the worst National Anthems I've ever heard in my life, in all honesty. I'd say I am surprised, except for the fact that I'm not. At all.
  • The 49ers came out hitting exceptionally hard early in the game. The first couple drives were absolutely bruising to all players. Darren Sproles started getting brought down exceptionally hard in the second quarter. He started dodging not to gain more yard, but avoid more punishment.
  • Patrick Willis covering Jimmy Graham well, but Brees and his ball placement were exceptional, especially on the leaping touchdown. Not a linebacker in the league that can stop that.
  • Regardless of how the game were to end up, only being up three after four turnovers is just terrible. The 49ers had two big points to this game: create turnovers and do something with them. They were unable to do something with them most of the time.
  • Chris Culliver was not very good in this game .. he gave up multiple first downs, especially in the second half. A lot of them were plays that you hope he doesn't make next season, as in plays that you can actually recognize as a rookie mistake.
  • The deep pass to Brett Swain that fell incomplete in the final minute of the game. The Saints defender was holding Swain's other arm, and there were no calls. None on Saints all game, really.
  • Alex Smith was absolutely on point. Early in the game, he threw balls away after going through his reads, and that touchdown run was just awesome.
  • Ummm Andy Lee and David Akers are awesome. So are C.J. Spillman and Blake Costanzo. Turnover city.