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Golden Nuggets: Bring On The Packers/Giants!

Damn, that felt amazing, didn't it? The San Francisco 49ers faced the dominating New Orleans Saints and came out with a win. I was more scared of playing the Saints than I was at the prospect of playing either of the Green Bay Packers or the New York Giants. But you saw the Nuggets yesterday, I was confident. Very confident. Of course, at one point near the end, I thought it was all over, and I said as much. But the 49ers have won four games this year when I've said that and lost none. So clearly it's a fine blend of optimism and pessimism that leads to a 49ers victory, I'd say! Now we get to sit back, and enjoy Sunday's games. That being said, I'm getting onto your quick links for the day. Enjoy.

Gore, Smith, Davis erase bitter memories (

49ers were not letting the season end like this, so they wrote their own history (

Smith last QB standing after playoff shootout (

49ers Vs. Saints, 2012 NFL Playoffs Final Score: Insane Fourth Quarter Leads To 36-32 Niners Victory (SB Nation Bay Area)

Alex Smith Leads Instant Classic (

Historic moment: Vernon Davis and the gift of grab (

Justin Smith Is A Monster, Has No Remorse (SB Nation Bay Area)

Emotional 49ers TE Davis makes most of first playoff game (

Alex Smith delivers a dagger to the heart (

49ers' game grades (

49ers report card (

49ers Vs. Saints Video: Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree TDs, Dashon Goldson Interception Gives 49ers Momentum(SB Nation Bay Area)

VIDEO: Frank Gore Pass To Alex Smith Proves 49ers RB Should Keep His Day Job (SB Nation Bay Area)

Being a Sheep

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