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Golden Nuggets: Defend Home Turf!

Good morning, everyone. So we now know who the 49ers are going to play in the NFC Championship, and I don't really see a way they lose. We're literally one way away from the Super Bowl. Can you believe that? I am having trouble believing it, personally ... but I'm not complaining. Like I said, I would have been confident in the 49ers to win against the Packers or the Giants, I'm just happy that we get another home playoff game. At any rate, I don't have long on the 'net right now, so I'm going to jump into the links for the day. I'm sure there's going to be a ton of links that I miss, and as always, feel free to post any you find in the comments. Enjoy, folks. And as always, go Niners!

Injury report: Walker, Ginn are questionable (

Davis' big play was years in the making (

How the Giants defense will play the Niners offense (

49ers' Carlos Rogers says familiarity with Giants will be key in NFC title game (

49ers' thriller over Saints highest-rated Saturday divisional playoff game since at least '88 (

49ers fans loudly assume team's new identity (

49ers NFC Championship Game tickets go on sale January 18 (

49ers' Davis raises his game after stepping up for Smith (

49ers get the very, very dangerous NY Giants: A home game, but not an easy one (

Justin Smith shows why he's 49ers MVP (

Being a Sheep

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