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49ers Vs. Giants: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

Well, after a wild divisional round matchup, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is back for another round of Happy Hour With Harbaugh. Alex Smith and the 49ers stunned the New Orleans Saints with a pair of fourth quarter comeback drives and now they get to advance on to the NFC Championship Game to face the New York Giants.

Coach Harbaugh is often a bit more engaging in his press conferences when the 49ers are playing well. When the team is struggling, Coach Harbaugh is not in much of a mood for a lot of chit chat. However, when the team is executing and winning, he seems more inclined to engage the media a bit more.

In today's press conference, we'll likely get updates on Delanie Walker's status for Sunday, as well as Ted Ginn's knee issue, Ray McDonald's hamstring and any other bumps and bruises. Well, we'll get some questions and then see what Coach Harbaugh is willing to disclose.

Beyond that, we'll hear about some great performances on Saturday and how they are getting back to work for Sunday. I'd imagine the coaching staff has been pretty busy over the last 18 or so hours since the Giants disposed of the Packers. The 49ers will not have the same additional time to prepare for the Giants, although given the early season contest, I'm not sure that is necessarily a huge deal.

You can view the press conference starting at 11:00am pacific via live stream after the jump, at or

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference