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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Defense Praised For Toughness By National Media ... Finally

Almost every year for the past decade or so, I've always talked about the 49ers Pro Bowlers and how I wished they wouldn't be able to play in the game. I'd give a little knowing grin and say "Super Bowl, baby!" as though they had a real chance. It really has yet to hit me that they're actually one game away from the Super Bowl ... I'm unsure how to write about the games anymore. If they make it through New York, my previews are going to be a jumbled mess as I have heart attack after heart attack just thinking about the possibility of getting Lombardi No. 6. But I seriously respect the New York Giants and I'm amped up for an awesome game on Sunday. Let's get to the linkage for the day.

Gregg Williams To Rams: How Should 49ers Fans Feel About The Saints Former DC In St. Louis? (SB Nation Bay Area)

NY Giants face tough challenge in NFC Championship with physical San Francisco 49ers defense that punished New Orleans Saints (

Physical with a 'W': Toughness of 49ers defense starts to get major attention (

2012 NFL Playoffs Schedule: 49ers And Giants Advance, Prove NFL Isn't A Video Game (SB Nation Bay Area)

49ers vs. Saints aftermath, part 1: the final 3 TDs (en espanol) (

Newcomer Goodwin wins team award (

King Harbaugh and the Knights of the Round Table (

Harbaugh, players praise 49ers fans for turning The 'Stick into a "fortress" (

Prior to "The Grab" there was "The Block" (

With Williams' move, NFC West got more interesting (

Justin Smith as the tone setter (

Jaws of life: Walker would give 49ers big boost (

DeBartolo to serve as 49ers' honorary captain (

Harbaugh views Ravens through lens as brother, fan and possible foe (

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