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49ers Vs. Giants And Emotional Letdowns

The 49ers coaching staff has done an excellent job all season long when it has come to getting the team prepared for a variety of games. The 49ers have had their share of underdog games, trap games and generally big "moment" games. In virtually every instance the 49ers have not been consumed by the moment. This past week against the Saints, some teams might have gotten caught up in the moment of a first playoff game. It did not happen as the team came out hot and finished strong.

Now the Giants come to town following one of the most intense, draining and emotional games in recent memory. If there was ever a game ripe for an emotional letdown for the 49ers, Sunday would be it. I think the coaching staff will have the team ready, but the possibility has been on my mind since the end of the Saints game.

Coach Harbaugh has not really given us any reason to doubt his abilities when it comes to getting the team ready. I don't think it's an issue, but I'm still curious what people think of this possibility and the issues it presents. It will be interesting to see how the team comes out early on.

One of the things I like about the 49ers continually deferring on the coin toss is that their special teams coverage units and the defense really are the emotional lynchpins. If any unit is going to come out fired up, it's those two groups. By getting them on the field early, I think it could be useful in getting the team right into the game and avoid coming out flat. Combine that with Coach Harbaugh seeming to always know what buttons to press and this team will hopefully be ready to roll at 3:30pm on Sunday.