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Don't Forget: Other Teams Are Going Through Their Offseason, Could 49ers Lose Greg Roman To Colts?

Allow us to take a quick break from looking at the (totally awesome) New Orleans Saints game and, of course, the (infinitely more awesome) upcoming game against the New York Giants for a bit of offseason news. That's right, there is going to be an offseason for us at some point, though hopefully it won't be until some point in February. Around the league, head coaches are losing their jobs and teams are looking to bring in some fresh blood.

Could the 49ers be a candidate to lose some of their coaches to those teams? It's certainly a possibility, with Vic Fangio and Greg Roman both regarded highly, not to mention some key position coaches like Geep Chryst, among others. Thus far, there's been no solid rumors of 49ers coaches going anywhere, outside of the official news of Roman interviewing with Penn State.

One possibility was discussed on Twitter yesterday, and I wanted to open up discussion on it and see what you good folks think. With the Indianapolis Colts being without a head coach and possibly without Peyton Manning next season, some wondered if Roman could be a candidate to take over there. I certainly see it as a realistic possibility, given Roman's history with Andrew Luck, who is the guy that many believe the Colts will take. ESPN even went as far as to report that Luck is the pick, citing sources. So Roman does make sense, on top of the fact that he's on the up-and-up anyway.

Personally, I really like Roman and what he's been able to do, but I would be happy for him if he found a head coaching gig. I'm OK with a scenario in which he leaves because I know the main offensive system will remain in place with Jim Harbaugh, and we've got someone like Chryst on the staff. Especially given the article Maiocco posted yesterday about how Chryst called the final two minutes of the Saints game. How would you react?