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Golden Nuggets: 49ers, Giants, You Get The Picture

Goooood morning, folks! Thanks to those of you who have been posting links in the comments. It's been a hectic week, and after all of my other posting duties, it's hard to get up material for the Nuggets. So anything relevant to the 49ers, or really, the NFL, post 'em up in the comments and tell me how silly I've been for missing it. Today, quick links again while I fight the ongoing battle of my sleep schedule. I really do respect the Giants and what it is they do ... particularly their wide receivers ... but I'm confident in the 49ers. Let's get to the linkage, chillldren!

Goldson held out of practice with ankle injury (

So What's The Catch? NY Receivers Present Tough Test (SB Nation Bay Area)

49ers QB Alex Smith addresses his longtime critics, doubters (

Jeff Fisher Wants The Rams To Be The 49ers (SB Nation Bay Area)

Chryst controls 49ers' two-minute offense (

Nice going, Alex, now do it again (

Could The 49ers' Greg Roman Be A Candidate For The Next Head Coach Of The Indianapolis Colts? (SB Nation Bay Area)

Niners keeping cool with hype getting hot (

These aren't your father's 49ers (

49ers react to all the trash talking by the Giants (

Harbaugh: Giants are a cruel team (

Whitner: 49ers warned not to respond to Giants chatter (

City Icons Show 49ers Colors (

49ers' Donte Whitner explains his split personality (

Harbaugh, 49ers keep eye on weather report (

Cosell Talks: Alex Smith (

Smith Having Time of His Life (

Worth the Wait for Willis (

Being a Sheep

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