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Happy Hour With Harbaugh: 49ers Playoff Edition

The San Francisco 49ers got back home late last night following their win over the St. Louis Rams. The team was a little banged up in the game, but for the most part not too much the worse for wear considering the team now has a first round bye to rest up and get ready.

Coach Harbaugh will chat with the press at noon today and we've got the live online stream posted after the jump. He will get plenty of injury related questions. It sounds like Kyle Williams is on track to be cleared to return to practice later this week. There is no word on Ted Ginn yet, so maybe we can get an update on that. Delanie Walker is supposed to be reassessed sometime this week as well.

One topic that might come up is the news that Greg Roman reportedly interviewed for the Penn State coaching job a month ago and recently chatted with PSU again. I don't imagine Coach Harbaugh will have a lot to say on the topic, but I would think he will be asked about it.

Other than that, I'd imagine he will be asked how the team plans to prepare this week while waiting to figure out their next opponent. They can't put all their eggs in the New Orleans basket, but I would be pretty surprised if the Lions upset the Saints. Anything can happen in a given week, but heading into the Superdome to spring an upset is a tall task given how the Saints offense is rolling at home lately. I'd imagine they'll consider a lot of film, but I imagine they will have some folks focusing a little bit more on the Saints. The good news is they have played two of the three possible opponents (Saints, Giants), so that could ease things up a bit.

You can view the press conference starting at noon pacific via live stream after the jump, at or

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference