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Penn State Head Coach Search: 49ers OC Greg Roman Considered A Finalist

An interesting bit of news hit came out on Twitter earlier this morning:

The Penn State head coach search has taken a lot of time to get figured out and has involved a number of candidates. Roman reportedly interviewed for the position a month ago and is getting another opportunity to chat with PSU. Bill O'Brien has been considered one of the lead candidates in recent days, but now Roman is reportedly a finalist for the position. According to Eric Branch, Roman was offered the Tulane head coach job earlier this year but turned it down.

It will be interesting to see how this scenario plays out over the next week. The 49ers are preparing for a divisional round game and will be getting the game-plan set. If Roman gets the Penn State job, I would like to think he would stick around San Francisco until the conclusion of their playoffs. However, the whole recruiting process remains an issue as colleges often want guys going right away so they don't fall behind in the process. If you follow college football a bit closer than me (which is a lot of people), feel free to throw out your thoughts on whether getting the job would mean Roman leaves town before the end of the playoffs or after.