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Caption This: Justin Smith Has Something to Show You

Justin Smith has something to tell you, but the only clue we have as to what is this photo. It's possible that he's telling us about the Subway commercial he plans to film one day, whether or not Subway asks him to or airs it on television. That's the size of his footlong Italian BMT.

Or maybe... or... maybe... something... else is happening in this pict--

Man, Justin Smith is really eyeing that imaginary sandwich, what with it's toasty sourdough roll, variety of meats, and cheese of his choice. Probably Swiss. Justin Smith doesn't strike me as a Provolone man. Too mild. Look at his face, though. He can just about taste it. All 12 inches of cheap, delicious sub. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Or maybe...

Or maybe you can get this Subway image out of your head and improve on my imaginary scenario for this photo. If you can, give it to us in caption form. It's the name of the game. Then, rec' any captions you see that make you laugh. Last time, afrikabamboodle won the most rec's. Will it be you today?