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NFC Championship: 49ers Kyle Williams To Step Up

The 49ers face a squad with maybe the league's top wide receiving corps on Sunday against the New York Giants. The injury report weighs more heavily on the 49ers side, even though tight end Delanie Walker is expected to play. But perhaps the biggest factor the Niners may be without is wide out and return specialist, Ted Ginn Jr. The man who would likely be able to fill that void left by Ginn, is second-year man Kyle Williams.

First off, I am a huge Kyle Williams fan. Williams is one of two recent later round picks that I have been a big supporter of since their respective draft moments; the other, NaVorro Bowman. Williams is another player that I believe is on the cusp right now, and he could show the world on a national stage what he can really do in this league if given the opportunity. Given Ginn's knee, it's looking like the 1 and 2 starting wide receivers will be Michael Crabtree and Williams on Sunday.

Williams is explosive and capable of big plays and spectacular catches. The youngster can fly and is always looking upfield to get more yards after the catch. Besides the fact that he is a little shorter than we'd like, I think he can be a great compliment to Crabtree for the time being. As most of you may have read, Mel Kiper projected the 49ers to select wide receiver Alshon Jefferey in the late first round -- it doesn't mean it's going to happen, but San Francisco is likely looking for a dominant downfield threat at the WR position.

So, much like they do on ESPN's NFL LIVE, I'm throwing the challenge flag on Kyle Williams: step up and have a big day for your team. Show that "the next man up" still applies in the playoffs. Williams has that dynamic ability about him, similar to Victor Cruz, Percy Harvin and DeSean Jackson. I could see some end arounds that usually go to Ginn, go to Williams in this game. I don't think Jim Harbaugh would be hesitant to give a young, eager player a chance on the big stage. That's what this team is all about; each man stepping up and taking care of his responsibilities.

I foresee Williams getting in the endzone against New York. I believe he's got the speed and quickness to help in the red zone, and concentration to make some big first down catches and splash plays. I'm less worried about Ginn's absence, and more excited about it opening the door for Williams to have a big game that helps the team immensely.

We'll see come Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers host the New York Giants at Candlestick Park for the NFC Championship and the right to play in this year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

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