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49ers Vs. Giants: Friday Happy Hour With Harbaugh

The 49ers wrap up their week of press availability before Sunday's game as head coach Jim Harbaugh chats with the media at 1:55pm PT. I've posted the live stream after the jump so feel free to check it out if you are looking for something to do on a Friday afternoon.

This will actually be the fourth time Coach Harbaugh has chatted with the media this week, so I've got to think he's running out of ways to not tell the media much. He'll hopefully provide some final answers about the 49ers injury situation. Ted Ginn Jr. seems to be the one significant question mark. Several players didn't practice yesterday, but hopefully most are just precautionary rests.

At this point for Coach Harbaugh, it's all just about keeping the team loose and ready. All reports indicate this team is loose and ready to play on Sunday. That's about all you can ask at this point. The team was loose last week heading into the Saints game and appear to be the same this week. Even as the Giants players talk a bit to the media, the 49ers are not falling into their game. It is one more sign of just how great a coach Jim Harbaugh has been for this team.

The press conference gets going at 1:55pm PT. It will be available via the stream after the jump, or at or

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference