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49ers Vs. Giants: Stadium Security To Be Beefed Up For NFC Championship Game

The 2011 NFL season saw some significant issues arise at 49ers games as Candlestick Park got a little to a lot ugly at times. The 49ers-Raiders game was the worst example, but there were also some complaints arising out of fan behavior at this past weekend's 49ers-Saints game. On my way home from the game, some fans were particularly rowdy and obnoxious, particularly to Saints fans, although even to some of their fellow 49ers fans.

The 49ers and the NFL will not be messing around on Sunday as they prepare for the NFC Championship Game.

Undercover police will be dressed in Giants' garb and on the lookout for nasty fans. Giants ticketholders will be handed a card as they enter Candlestick Park with details on how to contact police if they feel threatened. And more security cameras and undercover police officers will be in place to identify abusive fans.

Season ticketholders have also been warned to follow the NFL Fan Code of Conduct: no foul or abusive language or obscene gestures and no verbal or physical abuse of opposing team fans.

If you are going to the game tomorrow, definitely be prepared to have a great time. However, please be classy with opposing fans. I understand the taunting that can go on throughout games, but there is definitely a line that does not need to be crossed. The 49ers have fantastic fans, but it is easy to get a little too fired up. Just make sure and be classy....or at least moderately classy. It's all about having a good time, and swearing at and throwing stuff at opposing fans is not cool.