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49ers Vs. Giants: Radio Interviews

I'll be doing a couple radio interviews this morning and thought I'd post a couple links for your listening enjoyment. At 10:45 AM, I will be going on the air with XTRA Sports 1360 in San Diego. There is a Listen Live link in the top center of the page. At 11:30 I'll be going on a show hosted by Jim Kozimor on KNBR 680. On the top right of the page, there is a link to Listen Live. Click on 680, not 1050.

Both interviews will feature some basic discussion of tomorrow's game. I'd imagine we'll hit some of the pertinent points about the weather, the 49ers pass rush against Eli, the Giants receivers. I've found that radio interviews generally hit the high points of the games, but I like to try and mix in a few points that aren't covered as much. I've been getting asked about the weather in about half the interviews, but I usually look to mention that one in all of them. These should be fun, so make sure and check in at 10:45 and 11:30.