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2012 NFL Playoffs: Are The Patriots Really That Much Better Than The Ravens?

We have spent the whole week talking about the 49ers and Giants for very obvious reasons. However, as we get ready for tomorrow's NFC Championship Game, there is still one more game of slight importance. The New England Patriots host the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game with the Patriots sitting as seven point favorites.

I was checking out some odds in the sports books here in Las Vegas and the Patriots odds to win the Super Bowl are currently going off at 5/6 at the Mandalay Bay and even money at Caesars. The Ravens are the long shot at 11/2 with the 49ers at 2/1 and the Giants right behind them at around 3/1.

I can understand the Patriots having better odds than Baltimore to win the Super Bowl if they are favored to beat the Ravens. What I don't understand is why people think it is such a drastic difference. The Patriots do have a fantastic offense, but in spite of what they did to Denver, their defense is normally not particularly good. They face a Ravens squad that has a great defense and an offense that probably is best described as inconsistent.

While Joe Flacco and company have some question marks, I find myself thinking the Patriots defense could provide the Ravens offense with an opportunity to look impressive. Maybe I am mis-reading something here, but I actually think the Ravens win this one. 49ers and Giants fans have thought the opposing team is thinking it's a walk in the park, but in the AFC, I don't see anybody giving the Ravens much of a chance. Am I missing something?