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49ers Vs. Giants Score: Vernon Davis Puts 49ers On Top 7-0

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The 49ers have taken the early lead in the 2012 NFC Championship Game but this game is looking to be a muddy dogfight. The kickoffs have been fairly short and we saw the 49ers almost cough up a fumble on a reverse attempt. I'm not so sure a reverse in the rain is wise today.

There have been two huge plays for the 49ers thus far. Alex Smith connected with Vernon Davis on a 73-yard catch and run touchdown to give the 49ers a 7-0 lead. Then, later in the quarter, the Giants were stopped on a 4th and 1 rushing attempt by Brandon Jacobs. You can view both plays after the jump.

For now I'm just happy the 49ers have taken the early lead and are not playing from behind. They have proven they can come back, but in this weather, every advantage is needed. This will not be a pretty game.


Alex Smith To Vernon Davis touchdown

49ers Stop Giants on 4th down