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49ers Vs. Giants: Someone Should Defend Victor Cruz

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The 49ers and Giants have reached halftime with the Giants leading 10-7. The score is close but the Giants seem to have the momentum at this point. The 49ers have gotten some solid rushing going, but the passing game has slowed to a crawl since the big touchdown pass to Vernon Davis. Excluding the pass to Davis, Alex Smith is 1/6 for 6 yards with the only completion being a throwback to Frank Gore. The rushing game has looked pretty solid as Frank Gore has 46 yards on nine carries with some big chunks to get first downs.

The big problem though is the defense's performance against Victor Cruz. The Giants receiver has eight receptions for 125 yards and has been torching the 49ers secondary. If the 49ers don't figure out a way to contain Cruz, they're going to be in some big trouble. In the first game, Cruz had a couple key drops that could've gone for big plays. They need to figure out some way to slow Cruz. The Giants start the second half with the ball and a three point lead. The defense needs to step up right away.