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49ers Vs. Giants: We All Need A Hug

Since the last thread is filling up, I thought I'd open up another one. And I think we all really do need a hug after that finish. There are stomach punch games, and then there is what happened tonight. This is a kick to the crotch like nothing else and it will continue to sting for a while.

The 49ers put together an amazing season that came up short. Kyle Williams is getting plenty of blame here and on twitter, but there are plenty of other issues we'll consider moving forward. This team won 14 games as a team and they lost this one as a team. Williams had the two most visible plays and it is understandable for people to be pissed off at him. At the same time, let's keep in mind that there were plenty of other issues that cost the team this game.

As we head into the offseason, there will be plenty to discuss as the 49ers look to continue getting a little better every day. The 49ers are in a position to build on this awful finish and there is plenty to be excited for in the coming offseason. But you certainly don't need to be excited about it quite yet.