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Golden Nuggets: And The Magical Season Comes To An End

And so, a magical season comes to an end in the most disappointing way possible. First, let me make one thing absolutely clear. The only thing I think that was absolute garbage was the forward progress fumble and I do not in any way claim that this won the game for the Giants. They beat us fair and square. But what hurts the most is that we beat ourselves, too. Who would have thought it was Kyle Williams and the special teams to let us down? And then the offensive play-calling regressed to being laughable. I'm sorry, but any defense in the league will stop any offense in the league if they run the same plays multiple drives in a row. Roll out, short pass that's either high or low and then run from the shotgun on second down. Who does that? We do, apparently. I'm sure I'll feel great in a few days and be stoked about the season. It really was a great season.

Kyle Williams ... come back strong next year. That's all I have to say.

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Being a Sheep

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