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Jim Harbaugh's Mighty Men Rally Around Kyle Williams

All season long, Jim Harbaugh has espoused the mantra that the 49ers are loaded up with "mighty men." That has been an oft-repeated slogan throughout the season, primarily due to the players strong performances on the field in getting some pretty huge wins.

However, last night we saw just how mighty these men are as they circled the wagons around wide receiver Kyle Williams. Although Williams' experienced a truly awful evening, his teammates rallied around him after the game with numerous shows of support on twitter and with the media. While it might actually be easy to roll off a few lines about supporting him and this and that, given the nature of this team I don't think there is any BS with these responses.

Williams made some serious strides in his second season and seemed on his way towards making a bit of a leap heading into year three. Unfortunately this performance will hang over his head for the foreseeable future. People have screamed for him to be cut. People have made obscene death threats. It has gotten out of hand on twitter over a guy who 24 hours ago was considered a potentially big part of the 49ers receiving future.

Anger and emotion are to be expected following the performance we saw yesterday. However, as we move forward into the offseason and look ahead to the 2012 season, let's hope Kyle is able to move past this and come back in a big way in 2012. While he had some significant struggles yesterday, he still has some serious skills that could turn him into one heck of a receiving weapon. A full offseason with this playbook could get things going well in the right direction.