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49ers Vs. Giants: Not So Happy Happy Hour With Harbaugh

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh will conduct his last press conference of the 2011 season today as the team wraps things up and heads home for the offseason. It's not quite the Happy Hour we like, so I think Ron Burgundy gives us the best advice for this one. Coach Harbaugh chatted with the media after the game last night and seemed a bit dazed by the tough loss. It will be interesting to see what he has to say after a day of reflection and having a chance to wrap things up with the team.

Speaking of wrapping things up, the players were available to the media earlier today and Kyle Williams was at his locker to answer questions. He was asked about the reports from his dad (White Sox GM Kenny Williams) that he was dealing with a shoulder injury, but he simply said everybody is dinged up late in the season and there are no excuses. I realize it is his job to make those plays and take the lumps that come with it, but that doesn't make any of this any easier for him.

As David Akers pointed out he was the guy in this position last year when he missed key field goals for the Eagles in their loss to the packers. I know it is not the exact same situation, but there are always goats. Roger Craig had a monster fumble in the 1991 NFC Championship Game that led to a Matt Bahr game-winning field goal. Craig had built up plenty more good-will with the fans, but even still, these things happen to even the best of players.

The press conference gets going at 2:00pm PT. It will be available via the stream after the jump, or at or I'll hopefully have a transcript either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference