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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Had A Great Season, And That's Not Just A Silver Lining

A day later and it's really not any easier to handle what happened in the NFC Championship game. I'm finding it incredibly hard to really get set and jump into offseason material, because it's happening so suddenly. In past years, we knew weeks in advance that the 49ers were out of things. As it happens, Fooch and the rest of us don't really have many plans, but we're all numb right now. So at least we're all numb together, yeah? At any rate, we will have a ton of coverage this offseason, I'm just not sure what it is yet! It was a great season and I no longer feel like saying that is a consolation, but it's still a sudden change that's probably more jarring than it should be. Let's get to the linkage, which will, of course, continue through the season.

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Being a Sheep

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